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Who Are We?

Health Training In Turkey is a brand affiliated with CEVSATEK and operates under its coordination. CEVSATEK conducts project, education and research activities in the fields of environment, health and medical. Since 2020, CEVSATEK have been serving in Yildiz Technical University Technology Development Zone. 
As Health Training in Turkey, we bring together health professionals from all over the world with experts in Turkey's leading health institutions. Our aim is to offer our participants the opportunity to develop their medical and dental skills through short-term training, fellowship and observership programs.

Our Values

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Customer Commitment

Openness within the team and towards customers is our priority. We talk about the issues frankly and try to produce effective solutions.

It is our biggest ambition to improve ourselves tirelessly every day. We work meticulously to offer the most suitable programs to our customers with whom we share this goal.

We aim to bring the quality to the highest level in all the services we provide and to maintain our success. Whatever we do, the best is our goal.

about us

We recognize that the way to our success is through the satisfaction of our customers. We are building our own community step by step by contributing to the happy memories of our customers.

Our Services…

We are currently serving with our 10+ short-term medical training programs, 40+ medical observership / fellowship programs and 2 dental training programs. 
With our ever-increasing number of programs, we offer medical students, doctors, specialists, dentists and nurses optimized training courses according to their preferences. Moreover, we also provide consultancy services to those who want to have a medical degree equivalency in Turkey.

Why Choose Us?

Health Training In Turkey is the best choice for those who want to come to Turkey to improve their medical and dental qualifications. Why? Because first, we design the most suitable experience for the participant's preferences with our employees with a medical background. Second, with our wide network, we arrange the most accurate institution for the participant throughout the country. We also stay in contact with the participant throughout the process, providing information and full guidance at every stage.

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